Welcome to Massage With A Healing Touch

Hello Folks and welcome to our site. Please look around and leave your thoughts or suggestions on the comment button below. Rejoice and be happy that no longer will you be receiving a mile long E-mail, but a simple newsletter. All the contents of the weekly Blurb will now be available HERE and in the menu above. The illuminating ramblings of the mind will be in the blog, for those interested, and those favorite, “Thoughts That Make You Go Hmmmm” will randomly pop-up on the pages you are viewing. An explanation of the style of massage you will be receiving shall be explained in the drop down menu “About the Massage” under Health-Tips, which will contain health tips past and future. You will now see the daily availability, to book a session online and be able to purchase online via PayPal.

I will explain as best as possible in the drop down menu “About the Massage” under Health-Tips, which will have all the useful health tips I have sent out in the past Blurbs as well as the new ones coming to you via my weekly newsletter. You will be able see my availability, book sessions with me online and be able to purchase via Paypal which now gives me the ability to finally accept credit cards.
I hope you enjoy the experience here and I thank you for the opportunity to work with you on your path to a more pain-free life.


Maintaining your current Homeostasis


Working on a particular muscle train that is causing pain along its connective path


Focusing on a particular injury and its adverse affects on your body, possibly restoring full range of motion


Two therapist at the same time doing focused work on you together