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Walking Meditations

Body Posture and Mechanics update. This one is so important, I’m gonna give it  again Here is great way to reacquaint yourself with yourself. Especially after a massage session. I learned to do this on my own, out of necessity from my plethora of injuries. The simple but not always easy idea for this is to become aware how you are using the muscles of your body while in motion.  Walking meditation can be just as profound as sitting...

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Body Posture and Mechanics Update

Here is some programming I found to upload into your BP&M app. Most of us have heard of core muscles. Maybe even have heard some of the names like Psoas, Abdominals,  have you seen them? Where they connect to what other muscles they pass through from one connection to the other, as one or more of them are part of every muscle train that runs through our bodies. Connecting every part of our bodies with every other, just like the song we all...

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