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With many common prescription drugs leaching calcium from bones (Prozac, Paxil, Synthroid, Prilosec, Prevacid, Arimidex and Aromasin) it may be challenging to get enough calcium in our diets, especially if we want to avoid dairy products. Also, soda (average American drinks 44 gallons per year!) has phosphoric acid which prevents calcium from being absorbed by our bones. So, try some of these alternative sources of calcium which also happen to...

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6 Ways to Stay Fit From Your Seat

Stuck in that darn chair again? Some ideas to help with the enevitable sore back your developing. Aside from making an appointment with me that is. According to one Australian study, most people sit for more than nine hours a day. Don’t let all that time go to waste. Whether you’re on the bus or train to work or sitting at your desk, you can make some creative use of your chair time–and give yourself some muscle-toning...

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Where is the sartorius muscle?

The importance of muscle trains. 4 Superficial Front Line ‘the Protector’ & Superficial Back Line ‘the Lifter’ Follow the ‘grain’ This is what Fascis actually looks like in the Human body. Thay white stringy stuffIf everything in the body is connected with this Gelatinous, fibrous, connective tissue which wraps everything in the body from Bone to Skin on a celluar level. Though these pictures highlight certain muscle trains. one cannot...

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