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Massage Experience

What is a Session Like?

Kreig Sanchez, LM T, CAMTC,  Has 30+ years of hands-on experience. Certified in 2004, and licensed in 2009. Personalizing each session to relieve your areas of muscle restrictions, injury and tension. Using multiple modalities, primarily Myofascial Release and Trigger Points, adding Acupressure, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, and other modalities as needed for your session. Massage With A Healing Touch got its name from the many clients who made that same statement after their session. Kreig is the owner operator of a growing business. Officially opened in 2010.

Your 1st table session starts by filling out an intake form then a discussion of your history of injury, pain or limitation, and an assessment of your range of motion and posture, so that your therapist’s work can be focused and accurate.

Starting first may be quite gentle, to acquaint you with the technique. (one’s gentle may be another’s torture, so Feedback is crucial, and welcome)

Like peeling an onion, we will begin with the outermost layer of tissue and work inward. As you relax,  applying long, smooth, deliberate strokes and extended stretches to your tissues increasing pressure over time.  We may be able to use pressure that is quite firm to go deeper into the tissue without causing you discomfort. On a pain scale of 1-10, 7 is where we try to work, just before it goes from a feel good pressure to an ouch pressure. If you’re tensed up and holding your breath then the pressure being applied is too much, please let me know. As your session result will be longer lasting and you will have less soreness related to the session.

You should play an active role in your sessions, You may be asked to participate by breathing deeply as a stroke is applied, a trigger point is engaged. Or you may be asked to change your position & stretch your body to help your tissues lengthen and relax.

Releasing fascia requires sensitivity and a slow approach. You may be surprised by this and think nothing is happening. Sometimes it is only after a session that people notice results such as greatly reduced pain, tension and increased ease of movement.

It is possible and common to have some soreness afterward, especially with the first treatment. This can be similar to what you feel after a vigorous exercise, and will be temporary. If I do not tell you please ask I may have advice to help you avoid residual soreness, such as drinking plenty of water.

What should I wear?

Preferred clothing includes sports bras and yoga shorts.

Depending on your comfort level: you can stay in your underclothes or can be unclothed.

 The emotional component…

When there has been any form of trauma, or stress and tension that has been around for a long time, this connects in a strange way to the emotions, leading to pain and additional stress in the muscles. The more of these restrictions that are removed through continued massage, the more likely you will experience an emotional release along with the physical ones. I understands this, have experienced it personally. My role is to create a safe environment for muscle release to be possible. The emotional component may or may not happen. It can take many forms, from a simple cough or yawn, to laughing or tears.  If you want to work more on the emotional release aspect of your pain, and I suggest you do, I can refer you to an experienced counselor as I am not a Doctor, Therapist, nor Psychologist.  Just a very good Massage Practitioner.