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Ahh, the world of social media is very interesting, helpful, and disturbing at the same time. In my world of the Massage Therapists there are many groups to be a part of that offer immeasurable insight and help to those trying to improve their work, knowledge and abilities. This is true for all areas of work regardless of what field you are in. Yet there is always some who believe their opinion, viewpoint, or type of practice is the only one that matters, and will make sure to post it.
However I bring it back to perception, which I have touted about many times in my blurbs. There is no point in engaging them in debates or getting upset, at their lack of a panoramic view, because one has blinders on. Take the good information they offer and leave the rest behind. “take it with a grain of salt” or “Don’t kill the messenger”. For it is still your choice, and perception in how to assimilate, the information they provided, myself included.

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